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Frequent Vehicle Class Questions

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Frequent Vehicle Class Questions

  • Fares are fixed per vehicle, not per person
  • Vehicles differ within vehicle class. For an example list, see LingoTaxi Fleet

1. Is the fare per person or per vehicle?

LingoTaxi offers all customers fixed prices per vehicle for the different services that we offer. The only limitation is the maximum allowed amount of passengers per vehicle, for example, our Economy Class vehicle fits 3 passengers and 2 pieces of luggage maximum. The price stays the same, no matter if you travel alone or with 2 more friends or family members.

2. I expected the car on the picture! Why did you send another one?

Our fleet consists of many different vehicles. It would be simply too much to show all those vehicles as example pictures on our website. Hence we show one example picture for each vehicle class. For example, the Comfort Class example picture is a Nissan X-Trail, showing customers that the Comfort Class vehicles include (but not exclusively) SUVs and similar vehicles. A list with the most common vehicles per vehicle class can be found on our website here at the LingoTaxi Fleet overview. Please note that available vehicles differ significantly per city and country. If you have any questions, please contact our team in the chat or by email.