Why LingoTaxi? Lost in translation traveling to Russia?


Already facing problems pronouncing that one airport in Moscow? Read further!

LingoTaxi is run by a group of expats and foreigners, who all went through the same experience. During our first visit to Russia, we all faced the same problem – you basically don’t understand a word of what Russians are saying – not to mention what they are writing.

Cyrillic at first seems to be like an alien language, but even when transcribing cyrillic to the latin alphabet, Russian seems to be impossible to pronounce.

With only a staggering 5% of Russians stating that they have some knowledge of the English language, it rapidly becomes clear which problems non-Russian speakers might face during their holiday or business trip to Russia.

To jump in, we decided to found LingoTaxi, an expat-run taxi and transfer service offering a 100% English-speaking dispatch service. We offer all our fares clearly visible on our website, and you can find all information easily and without any hidden costs or fees. Our dispatchers are available 24/7 to assist you making the best out of your trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can reach us by phone, by e-mail or chat.

Next to that, we are building up an extensive fleet of bilingual drivers – the heart of the company. Our drivers will assist and help you during your first steps in Russia in your own native language (English, German, Spanish, Romanian, French, just to begin with…). Assistance at the currency exchange office, help with finding the right platform for your train or terminal for the next flight, our drivers will do their best to make your trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg unique.

LingoTaxi offers its customers a secure, tolerant and open-minded transfer service. Our drivers are internally chosen to fit our multicultural, open philosophy. In times of racism, homophobia and cold war lingo in the media, LingoTaxi wants to set an example of peace and friendship and heartly welcomes all people, whatever the background, to Russia!

And if you don’t want to explore the beautiful sights with those expensive, over-crowded and homogeneous tour guides, you can book one of our drivers with our Chauffeur Service for several hours, having your own private chauffeur showing you around town speaking the language – and visiting the destinations – that you want to hear and see!

You are welcome to submit your online reservations here – minimum 2 hours before the actual pickup time. If in doubt, be welcome to contact us by phone at +7 495 204 21 24.