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Are parking costs included in the Chauffeur Service?

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While we include 1 hour of parking costs and waiting time for all airport pick-ups, our chauffeur service fare does not include additional parking costs.

Why are parking costs not covered by the chauffeur service price?

Our Chauffeur Service includes any location within the city limits. Our team and drivers do not know in advance which itinerary the customer wishes to take and, of course, at which places the customer would like to stop (and for how long). Besides that, we would like to avoid raising the chauffeur service fare in order to charge for parking costs that might not even occur. First and foremost, our drivers are advised to look for a free parking spot, however in some cases only paid parking spots are available. Our drivers of course will collect all relevant parking tickets for your accounting.

Our customers then have two options: The easy option is to simply reimburse the parking costs directly to the driver in cash at the end of the service, or by online payment through our secure payment system. The latter option however includes an administration fee, so we always advise to reimburse the cash directly to the driver in cash.

We thank you for your understanding. For your suggestions and questions, our team is always available 24/7 by email, chat or phone.

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