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When do I need to leave for the airport?

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When do I need to leave for the airport?

Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo: Minimum 4 hours before flight departure
Saint Petersburg, Kiev and other: Minimum 3 hours before flight departure

We recommend to set the pick up time for transfers to the airport in Moscow, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to at least 4 hours before the flight departure. In Kiev, Kazan, Sochi and Saint Petersburg and other cities, we recommend to set the pick up time at least to 3 hours before flight departure. However, we still recommend to check the possible traffic and weather situation at your destination, and plan accordingly. Our customer service will be happy to assist you in choosing a good pick up time.

Passengers for international flights need to be at the respective airports minimum 2 hours in advance. We advise all our customers to plan in some extra time to arrive hassle-free to the airport. From our experience, we can randomly experience sudden traffic jams, (snow)storms, police controls etc. along the way which often cannot be planned for ahead.

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