How does partial prepayment work?

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Partial Prepayment

LingoTaxi customers can choose to pay a small part of their transfer service or tour online in advance. You can keep peace of mind by knowing that your transfer has been partially prepaid and arranged. Upon arrival, you can pay the outstanding amount in cash directly to your Lingo driver.

When receiving an reservation confirmation and the driver details, our system will automatically show you the open amounts accordingly.

How much do I have to partially prepay?

LingoTaxi offers a partial prepayment of all airport, train and port transfers as well as tours in Europe of 25% of the final fare. The outstanding 75% of the final transfer fare can be paid directly in cash to the driver or guide. The invoices for the partial prepayment will be issued in Euro currency.

How do I partially prepay?

Partial prepayments can be fulfilled with paying by PayPal or any other debit/credit card. All PayPal and credit/debit card payments include an additional 4.5% administration fee.

Can I pay in USD/EUR upon arrival?

Yes. In general, our system will show you the outstanding amount which you have to pay to the driver in Russian Rubles (Russia) oder Euro (Ukraine, Azerbaijan). However, the driver can quote you the equivalent amount in Euro or US Dollar. We do not accept other currencies.

Please be advised that our drivers only accept clean foreign bank notes, no coins or torn bank notes, as it is impossible to exchange US Dollar or Euro coins (or torn bank notes). In case the amount exceeds the taxi fare, drivers will have change only in Rubles (Russia) or Hryvnia (Ukraine).