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Why my payment has been declined?

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Why my payment has been declined?

  • Top three reasons: Insufficient funds, your bank declined the payment, or wrong customer details provided

We offer our customers to check out and prepay their services in advance with any debit/credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay (or bank transfer in select European countries) using the secure payment processor Stripe. Specific security measures are in place to avoid fraudulent payments. If the algorithm of the system has reason to believe this is the case, payments are immediately blocked. However, most of the time, payment attempts are declined because the card processors system detects on of these issues:

  • The card holder name has not been provided correctly: Sometimes, customers only provide their first name or there’s a small typo in the surname, leading to a decline by the credit card company. Make sure you indicate the name exactly as stated on the card.
  • The billing address is not correct: Customers have to make sure to provide the correct address of the owner of the credit card. The main reason for declined payments is often that customers by mistake indicate their hotel address, rather than their own home or office billing address. Make sure you indicate the correct details, including full address, postal code and city.
  • Insufficient funds: Sometimes, the bank returns our payment request with the statement “Insufficient Funds”. This might mean that the card has limits with regard to payments abroad, or there’s simply not enough money on the card. Customers should check in with their bank in order to resolve the issue.
  • Bank declined payment request: Sometimes, the customers bank declines the payment request made by us without giving any reason. In this case, we recommend customers to contact their bank to resolve the issue.

In case you are having issues paying your service with Lingo in advance, please get in contact with our customer service. Customers also have the option to change the payment method to “Cash payment to driver” in most countries. Changing the payment method is free of charge.