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How much luggage can I take with me?

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How much luggage can I take with me?

  • One (1) piece of standard luggage per person is allowed
  • Hand/Carry-On Luggage should be of appropiate size and will be transported in the vehicle with you

LingoTaxi offers several different vehicle classes, each with a maximum capacity allowance of passengers and luggage. For example, the maximum capacity of our Minivan is 7 passengers and 7 pieces of luggage (7+7). Often, however, a group of 7 passengers might carry 7 suitcases as well as 7 pieces of hand-luggage, in which case it might get very crowded inside the vehicle. For the safety and comfort of our passengers and the driver, we would in such cases recommend to select the next bigger vehicle class, in the example case a Minibus (with a maximum capacity of 16 suitcases).

To avoid confusion, excess luggage or even additional costs, we urge all customers to adhere to the following:

  • One (1) piece of standard suitcase per person with a maximum size of approx. 70cm high, 47cm wide and 21cm deep, and a maximum weight of 23 kg. This is also the official IATA recommendation.
  • Hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, so make sure it is of appropiate size to avoid an uncomfortable transfer for you.
  • Excess luggage must be reported to our customer service upon booking and in advance, so we can provide you with the correct vehicle.
  • Failure to report excess luggage or correct amounts of luggage might result in refusal of transportation on the spot, or the driver might ask you to arrange for a second vehicle on arrival to transport the excess luggage on your own expense.
  • Due to covid-19 regulations, passenger contact is to be avoided. Where possible, we kindly ask passengers to handle their luggage themselves to avoid contact.

In any case, if you have doubts or questions with  regard to your transport luggage, additional bags or animal transportation, please contact our 24/7 customer service by chat on this website, email or phone so we can assist you with your choice.

Please find the full text as stipulated in our terms and conditions:

2.3 The confirmed transfer price includes one (1) standard piece of luggage (approx. 70cm high x 47cm wide and 21cm deep, max. 23 kg) per person. Please keep in mind that your hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, so it should be an appropriate size. Excess luggage such as heavy-weight suitcases, ski bags, golf bags, diving bags, bicycle cases and animal boxes/cages) must be declared upon booking and an appropiately sized vehicle must be selected. Undeclared excess baggage or animal transportation boxes will be only accepted if there is enough space available in the vehicle and if informed in advance. If you have booked our transportation service and our chauffeur is unable to fit excess luggage or large suitcases you may be asked to pay for a second vehicle on arrival. If this information is not given at the time of booking, transport cannot be guaranteed, and the rules stipulated in §5.2 will be enforced.